SCT Tech


Recent developments in the IoT Lab of SCT Technologies partner DataSoft BD is having an impact on agriculture in places around the world. Bring to practical the concept “Internet of Things” has provided solutions to centuries of struggles in agriculture. One example is how animal husbandry timing issues for bison in the American West and cows in Singapore were solved with wireless body temperature monitoring. In New Zealand the time-intensive cultivation of mushrooms was automated with IoT, significantly reducing a growers labor to produce a crop. In Egypt, the 40% mortality rate of chicks during their first 30 days of life was dropped to an amazing 2%. In Bangladesh IoT technology detects indoor air quality in citizens get loans to buy cows to produce milk as a product, the Biogas (methane) from the cows is then used for a fuel for cooking and heating which reduces CO2 emissions verse burning Biomass. The cow’s milk is monitored to determine its quality and freshness. A further benefit is the monitoring of the lung condition of humans when burning Biogas verse Biomass for cooking and heating. Asian shrimp farms have tested IoT environmental monitoring of water and gases which affect the health of the shrimp and which decreases production time by a month allowing for four rather than three harvests per year.

SCT Technologies is currently spreading the power of IoT in agriculture to the Caribbean and North America, so stay tuned for other IoT success stories.